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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    News - Mar 19, 2020

    Virtual KeyShot World 2020

    Join Us for Virtual KeyShot World 2020! KeyShot World 2020 is going virtual! Join us online as we bring FREE live sessions of intensive training and insight from the best KeyShot professionals. Each day will feature exclusive KeyShot sessions covering workflow, materials, lighting, and more.
    Features - Mar 9, 2020

    GPU Rendering in KeyShot

    KeyShot 9 introduces the ability to harness the full GPU-accelerated ray tracing power of NVIDIA RTX with OptiX.
    Features - Mar 3, 2020

    New Vanity Scene Shows the Power of Caustics in KeyShot

    We're excited to bring you new scene to demonstrate the power of caustics in KeyShot 9. At first glance, there's nothing too out of the ordinary about this scene. It's simply a few cosmetic products on a countertop. They're items you may see off to the side of a bathroom shot, but also items that ma[...]
    News - Feb 18, 2020

    KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS Edition Available Now

    With the release of KeyShot 9.1, we're introducing a new edition of KeyShot – KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS. This limited edition of KeyShot brings the features of KeyShot Pro plus direct SOLIDWORKS file import.
    News - Feb 10, 2020

    KeyShot 9.1 Now Available

    Today, we're excited to bring you KeyShot 9.1. With KeyShot 9, we introduced real-time GPU ray tracing and AI denoise, RealClothTM technology, and tools to streamline model and material import. KeyShot 9.1 builds on these features with Unwrap UV to aid in the position and application of textures and[...]
    News - Jan 21, 2020

    KeyShot Month @RenderWeekly

    What can you create with KeyShot 9? Show what you've got as RenderWeekly presents KEYSHOT MONTH! We're excited to team up with both RenderWeekly and a group of incredible KeyShot pros for a month of render challenges featuring new features in KeyShot 9. You don't want to miss the opportunity to both[...]
    News - Nov 19, 2019

    It Begins! KeyShot Cyber Monday Deals

    It begins! It’s time to spin up the deals for the annual KeyShot Cyber Monday sales event. The deals start today, December 2nd! For a limited time, receive 20% OFF your purchase of all new KeyShot licenses, KeyShot Pro + KeyVR bundle, KeyShot upgrades, and KeyShot add-ons! Use a code below at checko[...]
    News - Nov 5, 2019

    KeyShot 9 Now Available

    We're very excited to introduce to you today, KeyShot 9. There's so much to love about this release and we're convinced it's going to open up ways for you to visualize like never before. Here's a quick look at the top features but if you like, feel free to hop over to the What's New page for a look [...]
    Contest - Nov 4, 2019

    WellBeings MNML KeyShot Render Contest Winners

    We had an incredible amount of entries for the WellBeings MNML KeyShot Render Contest and are excited to announce the winners. The challenge, to interpret the 'calm' and 'relief' in a beautiful WellBeings inhaler rendering, was indeed interpreted a multitude of different ways with the range of entri[...]
    News - Oct 15, 2019

    KeyVR Support for New Varjo VR-2 Headsets

    For the first time, Luxion and Varjo bring their latest innovation together to provide 3D professionals a VR experience unlike any other. Today, we're excited to join Varjo in announcing KeyVR support for their new, state-of-the-art VR headsets – the VR-2 and the VR-2 Pro.
    News - Oct 1, 2019

    Buy or Upgrade to KeyShot 8, Get KeyShot 9 Free

    KeyShot 9 is on the way with new features and more ways to create amazing visuals. Now is the perfect  time to purchase or upgrade to KeyShot 8 and lock in a free upgrade to KeyShot 9.
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