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Tips - Aug 15, 2018

Local UV Mapping: Creating Realistic Weld Textures in KeyShot

Recently, Magnus Skogsfjord shared his method for achieving realistic welds in KeyShot from CAD geometry. The quick 15-minute video is not only a look into the process of creating realistic weld textures, but a tutorial chock full of info on preparing your CAD data for local UV mapping. 
News - Jul 26, 2018

Updated KeyShot Plugins for 3ds Max 2019

Image: A.I. Assault Tank design by Jason Tonks, Modeled in 3ds Max and rendered in KeyShot.
Tips - Jun 20, 2018

5 Ways KeyShot Viewer Can Save Rendering Time

There are so many ways KeyShot Viewer can be used in the product development process. We're learning about new ways people are using it all the time but these five are the ways customer have told us it has helped the most.
News - Jun 7, 2018

KeyShot RenderWorld 2018 Recap

We've sifted through the photos from KeyShot RenderWorld 2018 and can't wait to give you a little taste of what this year's conference was like. Even with all the preparation and planning, seeing everything come together on that first day and to actually experience it is just completely different. H[...]
Tips - Jun 1, 2018

How to Create Fabric Stretched Over a Speaker Grill in KeyShot

Curious about rendering fabric? How about rendering fabric stretched over a speaker grill? Go no further. Esben Oxholm is back with another tip, showing you how to use the Material Graph in KeyShot Pro to achieve a stretched fabric over speaker grill appearance.
News - May 2, 2018

KeyShot for Rhino Plugin: Rhino 6 Support Now Available

We were just as excited as you to get your hands on Rhino 6 and now we're very happy to provide an update to the KeyShot for Rhino plugin that brings you Rhino 6 support.
Tips - Apr 18, 2018

How to Create Radial Motion Blur in KeyShot

If you want to create sense of motion, it's pretty common to use linear motion through a translation animation to make that happen. Radial motion blurs using rotation animations can be added to wheels to provide the same sense of motion. But how do you give the sense that the  entire environment is [...]
Customers - Apr 18, 2018

Thank You to the RenderWorld Product Sponsors

We wouldn't be able to put on a conference like RenderWorld without the help of our incredible sponsors. They'll be right outside the main session area sharing their latest tech, capabilities and services, but today we want to take an opportunity to let you know about our product sponsors. 
News - Apr 5, 2018

KeyShot 7.3 Released - Introducing KeyShot Viewer

Today, we're excited to release KeyShot 7.3 and with it, introduce KeyShot Viewer - a stand-alone application that enables secure sharing of KeyShot scenes for interactive, photo-realistic 3D model viewing, presentation, and configuration. With KeyShot 7, you gained the ability to create unlimited S[...]
Tips - Mar 22, 2018

Intro to Multi-Materials in KeyShot 7

Multi-Materials allow you to change one material into a group of materials. This can be useful for setting up material variations and color studies or just serve as a method for fast, non-destructive material swapping. Multi-Materials is an advanced material feature in KeyShot Pro which also provide[...]
News - Mar 22, 2018

Google and MNML Guest Keynote Speakers for KeyShot RenderWorld 2018

We are excited to announce two special guests and leaders in the field of design as keynote speakers for KeyShot RenderWorld 2018. Jeff Hoefer, Head of Digital Imaging for Google Brand and Hardware at Google, and Scott Wilson, Founder and Principal Designer at MNML, will speak at the conference taki[...]
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