Animation of the Week: First KeyShot Animation by Phillip Renato

by Josh | Nov 2, 2011 | Animation | 1 Comment


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    What is that thing? I have no idea. But since it was modeled and animated by Phillip Renato, Associate Professor, Chair at the Allesee Metals/Jewelry Design Program, I'm guessing it's something, or the start of something, that will adorn your beautiful physique to make you look even more beautiful. Oh, and speaking of beautiful, Phillip sent us his first animation created with KeyShot; a beautiful panning camera animation of that thing up above, spinning to the tune of Staplegunned by Spill Canvas.

    First KeyShot Animation

    Music: Spill Canvas, Staplegunned

    You can read more about Phillip Renato and the Kendall College Design program here. And, you can find out more about KeyShot Animation here!

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