Harald Belker on 3D Rendering and Design Process: 3D Artist Online

by Josh | Oct 17, 2011 | Features | 0 Comments


    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    I'm obsesses with space craft, future ships and anything having to do with racing in the future. Why? Because racing in the future is going to look about 100 times cooler than it does now. How do I know? Because of Harald Belker. He's literally 'rendered' the book on the future of racing and he does it quite splendidly. The latest issue of 3D Artist Online gives us a sneak peek inside Harald's book, Pulse - The Complete Guide to Future Racing and dishes some insight on the process Harald goes through to create his beautiful images.

    In Step 4, Harald explains where KeyShot comes into the design process:

    “When the 3D model is done I can use it to set up renderings in modo, or use Keyshot. Applying graphics is much simpler in KeyShot, but modo can offer truly lifelike images – if you’ve got the time!”

    So interesting to see where KeyShot comes into the mix, isn't it? You can pick up Harald's book Pulse - The Complete Guide to Future Racing at Pulse Racing Online (or a little cheaper on Amazon.)

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