How Do You Bring Rhino Files Into KeyShot? ...This Plugin of Course.

by Josh | Dec 2, 2011 | News | 2 Comments


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    Guess what? KeyShot is able to import the most file types out of any 3D rendering software in the history of rendering software. For some software, we even have plugins that allow direct import from the software itself. Rhino is 100% compatible with KeyShot and there's even a plugin you can use to bring your .3dm files right into KeyShot. Along with direct import into KeyShot, you'll be able to maintain your colors, your textures and any layers as well. Download the Rhino to KeyShot plugin.

    KeyShot Rhino Plugin

    Maintain color and texture assignments
    Maintain layer structure

    Rhinoceros 4
    KeyShot 1.9, KeyShot 2, KeyShot 3
    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 32/64-bit

    Download the Rhino to KeyShot plugin

    Beretta 92fs modeled in Rhino, Rendered in KeyShot. Model by jazbec via GrabCAD.

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