Develop3D: KeyShot 3 Coverage from Siggraph 2011

by Josh | Aug 10, 2011 | News | 1 Comment


    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    A big thanks to Develop3D for sharing the love over on their blog! We had the great joy of speaking with Bob Cramblitt who has a great write-up, Siggraph 2011 #1: Feeling good in Vancouver, in which he mentions some details about the upcoming release of KeyShot 3!

    Rendering applications could gain even more traction in engineering departments with announcements such as the one Luxion made today at Siggraph: It’s a simplified way to add animation to parts imported into KeyShot from popular CAD programs.

    The KeyShot 3.0 approach, due for release in October, eschews traditional keyframe animation. Instead it uses something called “offset transforms” that makes it possible to add individual animation components to single or multiple parts, move them in the timeline, and copy, paste or move them within the model hierarchy.

    Excellent! Read the rest of the story at Develop3D.

    AND, stay tuned for more from Siggraph 2011, including some photos and some KeyShot 3 animations!

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