KeyShot 3 Review on 3D Sphere - "Great Renders in Less Time"

by Josh | Dec 2, 2011 | News | 2 Comments


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    KeyShot 3 has just been absorbed by the sphere... the CG Sphere, and Mr. Tomas Salat has just published a KeyShot 3 review including a rendering comparison with MetalRay. Tomas takes a look at the new interface and highlights the specs that make KeyShot stand out. You'll also get an overview of the new materials, the animation system and see the process he went through to create a great rendering of a simple model in seconds.

    KeyShot 3 Review

    Tomas created a video review of KeyShot 3, where he goes through the process of rendering a single part, explaining how he sets up the rendering and the difference in rendering time between KeyShot and MentalRay.

    "The render capabilities of KeyShot are amazing and comparing the speed to MentalRay you can achieve more than 50% difference in time."

    Read the entire review...

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