KeyShot 3? Hear what Thomas Teger Has to Say on ShareCG.

by Josh | Aug 22, 2011 | News | 0 Comments


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    Just look at that guy. Have you ever seen a face that exudes so much confidence and suave demeanor? No, I think not. Yeah, so, would you like to know more about KeyShot 3? ShareCG caught up with the man above, Mr. Thomas Teger - VP of Marketing, a couple weeks ago at Siggraph for a rundown on the new features in KeyShot 3 and tells how your CPU is all the speed you need for incredible, realistic rendering.

    KeyShot 3 Interview with Thomas Teger

    You can hear the audio interview with Thomas Teger at ShareCG. And for those of you who want a full-size view of Thomas standing at the booth... look no further. Clink the link below and you have a new wallpaper for your desktop, and new photo for your album or a new image to glue to a magnet and stick on your fridge.

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