KeyShot 3: What's to Come and Special Deal

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    If you subscribe to our newsletter (and you should!), you've probably seen a few highlights of what's to come in KeyShot 3. We're excited about it and think you will be to. If for no other reason than it's the first version that introduces KeyShot Animation to your toolset. It's more than simple turntable animation too. It's complete interactive setup and part orientation in a fully raytraced environment with realtime playback to boot. It's the ease of KeyShot rendering applied directly to animation. Here's more of what you'll see in the new version and a special deal for those thinking about buying KeyShot.

    KeyShot 3 Features

    As you see above, KeyShot 3 is lookin' fresh. We've revamped the interface a bit, making it cleaner and more streamline. You'll also notice a new library interface along with a new material library. The window down below the realtime render window is the all new KeyShot Animation timeline, showing hos you're able to set up combinations of rotation, translation and turntable effects. What else? Have a look.


    • KeyShot 3
    • KeyShot 3 Pro
    • KeyShot 3 Pro Floating

    KeyShot 3 + Animation

    • New add-on module
    • Animating parts and objects made easy
    • Animation of part/object translations, rotations and turntables (and any combination of these)
    • realtime playback (fully raytraced)
    • interactive adjustments
    • preview output
    • movie output (preview and final rendering)

    Simple camera animation

    • Turntable (move around object)
    • Translation (move in and out)

    Max. output resolution for animation

    • 1280 x 720 when added to KeyShot (this resolution is known as HD)
    • unlimited when added to KeyShot Pro

    KeyShot 3 New features

    • UI overhaul, cleanup, and streamlining
    • New library layout
    • New material library
    • Rename parts
    • Move individual parts
    • Select multiple parts at once
    • Completed texture mapping including interactive control through widget
    • Alpha and specular maps for all materials
    • New importers: NX, SolidWorks (Mac), Solid Edge (Mac), Parasolid, JT

    KeyShot 3 Pro

    • Upgraded Turntable animation w/ realtime playback, timeline slider in dedicated animation tab, and preview output.
    • Movie output (preview and final rendering)

    KeyShot 3 Deal

    Interested in getting KeyShot 3 for free? Well, if you don't have KeyShot 2 yet, you can buy it right now and get a free upgrade to 3 when it comes out! If you already have KeyShot 2, don't worry! You can still get KeyShot 3 for the low upgrade price of $395 when it becomes available. That's 60% off the full price! You can purchase KeyShot here or if you have questions, definitely contact us!

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