KeyShot Goes Social: The New KeyShot Blog

by Josh | Jun 10, 2011 | News | 1 Comment


    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here. The KeyShot blog - all the goodness of KeyShot, the easiest 3D rendering software around, with all the intensity of finely-tuned, content-rich graphics and words. A wonderful combination we think and hoping you do as well. You may already follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If not, you should. As there could be many an opportunity to win exclusive KeyShot merch and software. How much does that rock? A lot. A whole lot. We'll be mixing that tangy raspberry sauce into the blog as well. What else will you see here? Well, take a look...

    Keyshot rendering by Jeff McCartney
    Rendering by Jeff McCartney

    There are so many great tips and customers out there, we wanted a place to show it all off with the added benefit of talking with you. We're aiming to do three things with the blog.

    • Provide KeyShot Tips
    • Feature KeyShot Customers
    • Interact with the KeyShot community

    KeyShot Tips

    Our rendering software is simple, easy and has options galore for adjusting materials, lighting and environment. What's worked best for you? We'll share these tips and add more favorites from our developers and the community.

    KeyShot Customers

    You should see some of the renderings our customer turn out. Amazing. We'll feature them here, give some insight into how they use Keyshot and of course, show you the renderings they're producing. Have some yourself? Let us know. We'd love to feature your work on the blog.

    KeyShot Community

    As we go along, we'll want to hear from you. What you like, what you want to see on the blog and what you think of of the software. We're releasing updates all the time, adding features users have requested and increasing the ease of producing amazing, photo-realistic images for whatever the need may be.

    We have big plans for the site and hope you'll enjoy the content to come.

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