KeyShot Animation of the Week: The RogueDZN Armadillo 161

by Josh | Sep 26, 2011 | Animation, Features | 5 Comments


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    I'm picking what's left of my jaw up off the floor right now. I mean, I knew the new KeyShot animation tool was going to be good, but put it in the hands of someone who knows how to create motion graphics and it's downright amazing. Matt Tremblay, president of RogueDZN, is just one person alpha testing KeyShot 3 and boy does he ever know how to create some eye slapping visuals. He sent this animation of their new RogueDZN Armadillo 161 bracelet to us after just a short amount of time using the new KeyShot Pro Animation tool. Take a look at the results.

    RogueDZN Armadillo 161

    With one hundred and sixty-one parts, the 161 will be a true test of 5-Axis AND 9-AXIS machining capability. Tolerances are extremely tight, and this will undoubtably be the most badass object RogueDZN has ever produced to date. This thing is as tech as it gets. Each link is individually serial numbered, and paint-filled. Each link is comprised of 8 separate custom machined pieces. The off-set angled clasp has a captured thumbscrew that allows for extremely easy opening and closing. The secondary thumb screws integrated into the latch, are actually integrated mini-wrenches to adjust the bracelet. One is the Rogue custom tri-blade wrench and the other is a T5-Torx wrench. - RogueDZN

    This is Matt's 'rough' cut of the animation. I can't imagine or hardly wait to see what's next. We'll be featuring animations each week, showing you what you're capable of creating in KeyShot animation. You can see all the animations posted so far in our KeyShot animation archive. To see more videos from Matt and Rogue Design, check out RogueDZN on Vimeo and definitely be sure to stop by their site to see the entire range of products they design and manufacturer.

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