KeyShot 3: Animation is Around the Corner!

by Josh | Jun 11, 2011 | Animation, News | 2 Comments


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    Can you feel that? The motion of digital geometry as it moves across your screen? Yes. KeyShot Animation is coming... and it's coming soon. KeyShot 3 is featuring the first animation system that allows you to set up, edit and play back realtime animations in a raytraced environment. Just like our rendering, KeyShot now breaks down the complexity of creating animations from your 3D data. Here's just a brief glimpse of what's to come...

    KeyShot Animation

    There's animation and then there's Keyshot Animation. We're taking the work out of what it take to put your models in motion. You may be familiar with the turntable functionality in the current version. Imagine the ease of that combined with each part of geometry you want to animate. As we get closer to the KeyShot 3 launch, you'll see more examples. Here's the first were putting on display - a full, realtime, animated rendering.

    Keep an eye on the KeyShot Youtube channel for more previews of animation in KeyShot 3!

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