VAX Creates Clean Concept and Product Packaging Shots with KeyShot

If you live in the UK, there's a floorcare company you've likely heard of and an iconic orange tube emblazoned in your mind. VAX has been sucking the dirt and filth from your floors for the better part of four decades. They have innovative design across floorcare product ranges with features such as multi-surface cyclonic suction and deep heated cleaning. KeyShot hasn't been around quite four decades yet, but VAX has been using KeyShot in their most recent product design. We meet up with the duo rendering the uprights and found out just what KeyShot has provided.

Concept and Product Packaging Design with KeyShot

"Over the past two years, the use of KeyShot has dramatically increased productivity within the Vax New Product Development team. Whether we are rendering initial design concepts, client presentations or high resolution packaging images, Keyshot has provided Vax with the ability to create highest quality of images in incredibly short timescales. The implementation of lighting, materials and environment are perfect for achieving true photo realistic outputs that always deliver the wow factor on demand."

Rowan Williams (left) and Guy Newsom

VAX uses Pro/E Wildfire 5.0 and has developed the visuals below using KeyShot. You'll see their renderings on their site, in their brochures and used with their product packaging as well. It's a comprehensive example of what an easy to create rendering using KeyShot can do for product design.

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