KeyShot Demo: Real-Time Results for 3D Designers and Developers

by Josh | Dec 23, 2011


    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    What's the best way to spend time at a massive graphics industry conference? Why, hanging out at the Intel booth watching a snazzy demo of KeyShot with Thomas Teger. (I may be biased, but I'm also pretty sure 4 out of 5 conference attendees would agree.) However, since you may not have been able to attend SIGGRAPH this year, we thought you may like to experience the demo yourself in beautiful 360p, high-quality, Youtuberiffic video. It's even safe enough to show your family on the new Internet-ready bigscreen you bought yourself for Christmas. Feast your eyes...

    KeyShot Demo

    Thomas is demoing KeyShot on an Intel system cranking two Xeon 5600 Series (Westmere) Processors. That's 24 cores of real-time render-making power, with no requirement for any sort of high-end graphics card. Thomas shows you how everything (including the animation that isn't demoed here) happens in real-time with the scientifically accurate materials (awesome) and the lighting environments (double awesome) providing everything you need to whip out some fancy images of your designs.

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