KeyShot Gets Some SteamPunk Render Love

You can slap brass, gears and goggles on just about anything and turn it more steampunk than your grandaddy's robot leg, but how do you crank a retro-futuristic rendering out of the depths of KeyShot? Magic shine and little time my friends. In other words, you can do what KeyShot user Jonfer Maia has done, model your bits and trinkets up in 3ds Max, then bring it into KeyShot to finish off that steampunk dream. Take a look.

KeyShot Steampunk

The idea of this project was to take all the objects from a Steampunk book and turn them into 3D! All the objects were made by scrap in real life and I wanted to keep the same designs from the book. I had a lot of trouble trying to render it in max and vray... So, I rendered it in KeyShot with normal quality because my computer wouldn't let me use any higher settings (I'm happy with the result though.) I did the background in Photoshop, like steampunk stuff hanging around in some paradise.

Steampunk Faith rendering before any post production work in Photoshop.

Steampunk Faith rendering AFTER post production work in Photoshop.

If you would like to see more of the models that Jonfer created, hop over to the forum post where he first showed us his rendering. And while you're there, tell him what you think!

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