Create Perfect Glass and Liquid in KeyShot

by Josh | Jul 19, 2011 | Tips | 0 Comments


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    Have you ever wondered how to render perfect looking glass and liquid in KeyShot? It's a topic we're often asked about. Turns out, it's quite easy and we have just the example to show your how it's done. On our forums, Jeff McCartney has created a beautiful rendering of a wine glass using KeyShot. You can see the result above, but even better, you can can download the .bip file and see the settings used to create the effect. In the example, Jeff describes the settings you need to be aware of to get the refractions looking absolutely perfect.

    KeyShot Liquid Glass Example

    On the forum post, Jeff says:

    For those of you interested in liquid renderings, take a look at the .bip and check out how the IOR values are set up on the various surfaces. These values create realistic refractions through the glass and liquid.

    You can download the file directly right here (Red (16MB)) If there are examples of glass and liquid you would like to share or any tips you've found helpful, send them in or add them in the comments section below!

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