KeyShot Quicktip: 'Glass' and 'Solid Glass' Material Types Explained

by Josh | Oct 28, 2011 | Tips | 0 Comments


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    Glass! It's a wonderful thing. You can break it over your knee, then use it to cut through the rope holding down a glass box of KeyShot 3. A glass box of KeyShot 3 you need to render a glass box using KeyShot 3... it's a bit of odd, space-time shifting paradox, I agree. But what happens when you open up KeyShot and go to render your glass material? This Quicktip covers the two types of glass materials in KeyShot and provides some insight on how light is passing through the glass to help you achieve the incredible result you desire.

    Glass Material in KeyShot

    Here, Brian Townsend walks you through an example of the two glass materials you'll find in the Material options of KeyShot, 'Glass' and 'Solid Glass.' Each one has different setting for refraction that will make a difference when rendering two-sided geometry or surface geometry. Take a look and ask any questions you might have in the comments below.

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