Modus Bike. A 24 Hour Redesign Challenge. Amazing Shots in KeyShot.

by Josh | Sep 23, 2011 | Features | 1 Comment


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    At KeyShot, we love bikes. If we could all bike together to the office in the morning, we would... even though it would be a little bit weird and a little bit creepy. The bike we would ride would be this sweet concept from the Quirky Moneyball Project, a collaboration between Quirky and Sony Pictures Entertainment. You can see the whole brainstorming and design process here - a great introduction to how Quirky works, by the way, if you're not familiar with it. The project is currently in the product evaluation stage (which you can be a part of) and the image you see above, along with the others below were created in KeyShot.

    Modus, a modern day, urban bike employs “smart frame” technology to adapt to various biking situations. Whether you are commuting to and from work, hauling groceries around, or going for a leisurely ride, Modus’ universal design is able to accommodate your different riding modes.

    The area under the seat is a unique and practical application of multi-use transport. From bike lock to briefcase, they've thought of all you could use it for. Just check out the guy below. He knows he's part of an awesome rendering and an awesome bike design project. Rock on Quirky, rock on.

    Be sure to check out the features and details on the Modus Bike.

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