Printed Circuit Boards in KeyShot (plus Free BIP Files, Textures and PCB Models)

by Josh | Sep 27, 2011 | Features, Tips | 2 Comments


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    If you've seen the previous post on the amazing renderings Uwe Kindler of cetoni GmbH creates, you'll know he's got an eye for rockin' out stunning visuals. Uwe posted some excellent PCB renderings in the forum over the weekend, but that's not all. He ws kind enough to share the KeyShot BIP files he set up and the textures he used to get that ever so realistic PCB effect. Here's how he went about it along with the files to get your own circuit boards lookin' electrifying!

    Printed Circuit Boards in KeyShot

    For our website I searched for a nice PCB image. Instead of buying a stock photo I decided to let KeyShot do the work... Then I assigned materials, created labels for almost all assembly parts (even for the small resistors) and finally setup camera and lightning and these are the results. The images are used on this page at

    Uwe provided a great resource for PCB models from Opal Kelly and has also provided the Zip file that contains all the BIP files and textures he used for the renderings. Thanks Uwe!

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