Rendering for Creo with the New KeyShot Plugin

by Josh | Nov 3, 2011 | News | 0 Comments


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    Image reproduced by kind permission of Vocis Ltd. 3D modeled using Creo Elements Pro.

    Are you a new Creo transplant from Pro/E? Well, if so, here's a quick how to for you. Need an incredible rendering? Step 1) Download the new KeyShot for Creo plugin. That's it. DONE. The new plugin takes your Creo models directly into KeyShot for ultimate rendering speed and optimal material bliss. The press release came out yesterday, but it won't tell you that your Creo models will look like torched awesomeness in the images your create with KeyShot. What it will tell you is this...

    Rendering for Creo

    “Upgrading our existing KeyShot plugin architecture was straight forward,” says Dr. Henrik Wann Jensen, Chief Scientist and co-founder of Luxion. “Not only could we re-use the majority of our existing implementation, but it was also incredibly easy to integrate the user interface components with Creo’s new UI and ribbon interface. We commend PTC on its vision and look forward to offering our solution on Creo.”

    Now, two choices. You can read more about the creo plugin here or get to the good stuff and download the FREE KeyShot for Creo plugin

    Rendering by DanJV using Creo Parametric

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