The Most Incredible Valve Rendering You'll Ever See

by Josh | Jul 6, 2011 | Tips | 1 Comment


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    If you've not been to our forum, you may be missing out. Not only do we have some mighty passionate users, we have some mighty passionate users who know how to turn out an amazing rendering in KeyShot. What started as a post on a valve rendering, turned into comments on settings and lighting to get better result. As you'll see below, the results are amazing.

    KeyShot user, Tim Feher, is one of our more active users in the forums. He used this Gate Valve from GrabCAD to start with. Above you see the before and after example of the valve. The before rendering ain't too shabby is it? With input from a couple other users, Tim adjusted the lighting with HDR Light Studio and added some details to make the Valve look even more realistic.

    Ed's tip - "try changing one soft light in HDR Light Studio to a very pale blue, and a soft light from the opposite direction a very pale yellow. I find it tends to give metal in scenes like this a bit of interest as opposed to all white lighting."

    Take a look at the result from this simple change.

    You'll also want to check out Tim's Radial engine rendering. It used both a Radial Engine (Mitrofan Dragos Vasile) and a Propeller (Drew Hauck) from the library.

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