Where in the World is KeyShot's Garrett Paymon? One Guess...

by Josh | Oct 21, 2011 | News | 0 Comments


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    When we need to ship someone to the far reaches of the earth, we calculate the exact furthest distance, triangulate that with isolation and a Pizza Hut, then go ALL OUT. Like when we shipped Garrett Paymon, one of illustrious Account Managers, over to the countryside you see above. He has spent that last week in the Middle Kingdom visiting customer and drumming up new business. On his excursion, he made it over to the Great Wall, also know as 'the long graveyard'. Apparently he likes it over there - the culture, the food and the strange looks he gets doing back handsprings through the streets in his button-up KeyShot shirt. Have fun Garrett. Oh, and we'll get that return travel sorted sooner or later.

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