Animation of the Week: KeyShot Watch by Abed Sabeh

by Josh | May 14, 2012 | Animation | 1 Comment


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    That odd throbbing sensation you have? You know, the one in back of your oculars when you look into the computer screen? It's not an aneurysm. It's the pulsating magnificence that is the KeyShot 3D Rendering competition. We started it at the beginning of May. We're halfway through with over 60 renderings and animations submitted. We're keeping an eye on all the entries and we'd like to feature our first animation submitted for the contest as this week's animation of the week.

    KeyShot Watch Rendering by Abed Sabeh

    Abed Sabeh is a digital artist with over 20 years of experience creating 3D visuals. He started his career as a graphic designer in 1989 with years of work as an artist prior to that. You can see the feeling and artistic touch he has through this excellent video. This is one of his first renderings created using KeyShot and is the first entry in the KeyShot 3D Rendering contest.

    You can see the stills of the watch and other variations he has created on the 2012 contest board. You still have two weeks to enter the competition. See here for more details on how to enter.

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