Contrast of Color Render sheet for DuPont Materials

by KeyShot | Nov 13, 2012 | Resources | 0 Comments


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    Tell me there's nothing better than sitting down at your computer with a steamy cup o' joe and looking upon a gorgeously rendered set of material color balls. Well recently, we announced the availability of DuPont paint materials for KeyShot. (You can download them here.) John Seymour, whose wonderfully lit work you've seen on the blog and in the forums before, created a reference sheet of the 'Contrast Of Colour' Paint collection you'll find in the 'OEM Automative Trending Colors'. He has shared it for your use and it will, no doubt, be the perfect compliment to the wall space around your desk.

    Contrast of Color

    John created this render sheet for his own reference and plans on creating additional reference sheets for the DuPont Color Collections. He was kind enough to share this on a forum post along with a larger rendering of the Simple Chaos color. The full size version is a 1616 x 3871 2.5MB file you can download here or snag below.

    He has also provided a sample of the HDRI he uses to light the color balls, which is an interesting look into how he sets up lighting for his scenes. Take a look and don't forget to thank him!

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