Fast, Simple Labels on Transparent Materials in KeyShot

by Josh | Jul 31, 2012 | News | 2 Comments


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    Perhaps you're working on some images for a glass bottle of Mr's Tompkin's clear liquid gravy or need to show what an underwater seascape applied to the plasticy interior of the latest Ocean Breeze scented aftershave looks like. There are a lot of applications where you may need to apply a label to a transparent material and KeyShot is the perfect 3D rendering software to make it happen. Today, we bring you a real life example of applying labels and introduce KeyShot clear, instant Hand Sanitizer as the test subject for our label-layering needs.

    Applying Labels to Transparent Materials in KeyShot

    We've provided some specifics on applying labels, but this Quick Tip takes you through the process from the modeling software to the final output, quick and super freakin' easy. Rex Roberts steps you through the process of how and why to add an offset surface in the modeling software (SolidWorks), setting the liquid material type, making the liquid look more realistic, settings for the labels in Adobe Illustrator and finally how to apply and layer the three different labels to a single object in KeyShot.

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