First Renderings and Animations with KeyShot

by Josh | Apr 10, 2012 | Animation, Features | 0 Comments


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    It's a wonderful thing when you can sit down at your computer, upload a model and create a batch of incredible 3D renderings in just a few minutes. Michael Lord is a SolidWorks users from Sydney, Australia who designs motorhomes and special purpose vehicles at Trakka. He has been testing out KeyShot with a few of his personal models, working with the new metallic paint material and creating his first animations.

    KeyShot 3.1 proved to be a simple and easy to use program that produces high quality Animations!

    Michael is completely new to KeyShot rendering and animation. He's created several test animations just to check it out. This is a 45 second animation using a camera inclination animation, set up fast and easy with just a few clicks.

    On top of that, he's also been testing out the new Metallic Paint material in KeyShot. As you'll see in his post, it allows complete control over flake size, flake visibility and clear coat refraction with color options that can give you an incredible look like the one he produced below.

    Thanks to Michael for sharing his first renderings and animations using KeyShot. Good things ahead I'm sure.

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