First Try With KeyShot... It Really is This Easy.

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    I absolutely love getting emails from people who are users of KeyShot and those trying KeyShot for the very first time. I received an email a couple days ago from a HiDynamic Productions who create CGI's for Automotive, Urban and Landscape settings as well as extremely rich HDRI's. These are their first renderings created in KeyShot.

    KeyShot Speed

    These... are just fabulous. A Maserati-GranCabrio. Great subject matter for a striking image and a car I wouldn't mind seeing in my driveway. It's on my desktop now, thanks to Karsten Ahlers who told us a little about how the image came together.

    Karsten: The backgrounds are sections of scene we adapted for KeyShot (no separate backplates have been used). The environment is in fact a "pimped" 360° HDRi created from my original high resolution HDRi (15.000 x 7.500 pixels) and with a few tweaks it worked fine in KeyShot.

    "It's a great app and is working very well for us."

    The HDRi was retouched and color corrected and we used the tone-mapped version for the background texture. Then we modeled and textured a platform for the Maserati and integrated it into the scene.

    Here are five other versions. I honestly can't decide which color I like best. I think I'll go with black. You?

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