Jugo Two-handed Juicer Squeezes Sweet KeyShot Render Juice Into Your Eye

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    If ever there was a two-handed juicer in the history of two-handed juicers, this two-handed juicer would perhaps be the most spectacular around. It is, in fact, the most (and only) well-animated two-handed juicer we've seen and we have Boaz Zemer to thank for that. Boaz Zemer is a third year Industrial Design student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. In a forum post he shared his mechanism course project renderings and an animation with us. THe result? Simply mouth-watering.

    Jugo two-handed juicer

    What is it? From Boaz, "It is a two handed juicer with a touch of personality, simply called "JUGO"... The entire animation is rendered in KeyShot as one shot (some parts are hidden within others). I also did some editing in After Effects (blur effects, text & music). I rendered different parts of the juicer as alpha masks to create the blur effect. Model built in SolidWorks."

    Here is the video. Check out the forum post for more great images and let Boaz know what you think!

    JUGO - Two handed juicer from Boaz Zemer on Vimeo.

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