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KeyShot 3 Review on 3D World

by Josh | Apr 13, 2012 | News | 0 Comments

3D World has posted a review on KeyShot 3 written by award-winning journalist Steve Jarratt. He covers the new features introduced with KeyShot 3 and provides a few great examples of the interface and set-up options, what he likes and what he would like to see.

KeyShot 3 Review

Some of the features Steve would like to see have been addressed in KeyShot 3.1. It's a great read and gives you a taste of how the animation works if you've not had an opportunity to use it yet. One of the comments we like, of course, is this:

The speed and quality of its renderer have never really been in doubt, so now you can arrive at top-quality results in even less time.

We agree :)

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