5 KeyShot 3D Rendering Goals to Ring in the New Year

by Josh | Jan 4, 2012 | Animation, Tips | 0 Comments


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    Welcome to the New Year! 2012. Can you believe it? As you finish off those leftover bottles of champagne and bowls of black-eyed peas, thinking about illuminating your designs with a dazzling dose of KeyShot lighting environments, we want to pass along a few KeyShot 3D rendering and animation goals to help you tear into the New Year with style and a head full or KeyShot rendering know how. It's five tips on working with KeyShot materials and lighting plus a few extra ways to learn even more. Can you already mark them off your list of items completed for 2012?

    Learn how to Render Jewelry in KeyShot

    In this webinar Brian Townsend covers techniques and tips for rendering jewelry. Techniques covered include physical properties of gem stones, precious metals, lighting and camera techniques.

    Learn how to duplicate an animated model

    This quicktip shows how to duplicate an animated model and then assign different materials to quickly show different design variations.

    Learn how to work with KeyShot Materials

    In this tutorial, Brian shows you how to work with materials, assigning them, copying them and changing them to suit the perfect look you need.

    Learn how to work with different Glass Materials in KeyShot

    In this quicktip the differences between the 'Glass' and 'Solid Glass' material types are explained. Examples are also given of when you might want to use one over the other.

    Learn how to work with KeyShot lighting

    This video will cover the basics of changing lighting, adjusting brightness, controlling reflections and the direction of shadows.

    Learn even more

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