KeyShot Animation of the Week: Dodge RAM 1500 by Tim Feher

by Josh | Feb 7, 2012 | Animation | 3 Comments


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    Since we've released KeyShot 3 with the new render rockin' animation system, I've been waiting to see some animations from a few of our users who helped during the beta test. That day has come and you are not going to be disappointed. Tim Feher was just 'messing around' with the animation features when out popped a brilliant animation of a Dodge RAM 1500. I've watched the following video on repeat for a couple hours and, as usual, am thoroughly impressed with what Tim creates in KeyShot. Have a look.

    KeyShot Animation of the Week

    As Tim puts it, this was just "something I was messing with." The rendering uses all the part and camera animation types available in KeyShot and of course was entirely animated in real-time. This one is comprised of 600 frames and took 60 hours to render.

    To learn more about KeyShot animation, check out the What's New or download now to give it a try!

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