Winners of the KeyShot Engine Rendering Contest!

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    Another AMAZING contest and we are all thoroughly impressed with the submissions from both the KeyShot and GrabCAD community. This was a very challenging contest to judge. There a a lot of great entries that meet the criteria of creativity, realism and composition. In the end, we had to narrow it down to one winner for best rendering, one for best animation and one for best student entry.

    Along with the 3D renderings and animations created, we also have a taste of some brilliant and very intricate engine models--links below. Once again, we would like to congratulate everyone for an amazing job! Links to the forum post have been added so you can see all of the renderings submitted by the winners and congratulate them as well. Without further ado, I present, the winners of the KeyShot Engine Rendering contest!

    Best rendering

    Rodrigo Soria - Cirrus 22 Engine
    Model: Rodrigo Soria
    Rodrigo Soria demonstrated his skill for creating an amazing model and then creating incredible compositions using the rich capabilities of KeyShot. The materials and lighting in each shot submitted displayed a level of attention that comes together to create an absolutely stunning image.

    Best animation

    Tim Purdy - 9 cylinder radial engine animation
    Model: Jan Elg
    Tim Purdy took a very detailed, highly intricate model created by Jan Elg and created a wonderful animation of how the model functions and assembles. This is a perfect example of KeyShot animation capabilities and shows Tim's thought process into putting together the steps for an effective presentation of the model.

    Best student entry

    Hailstone - Steam Engine animation
    Model: Brian Law
    Our student entry from Hailstone is simply fabulous. It starts with a great model from Brian Law and is completed with an animation that brings the model to life showing both the operation and physical beauty of the model.

    Honorable mentions

    Tiho Ramovic - Ferrari Cutaway
    Model: Tiho Ramovic

    Tomas - Ducati 916
    Model: Mari

    Steam boat Charlie - Twin Turbo LSX
    Model: Steam boat Charlie

    Bill Gould - Homage to James Watts
    Model: Bill Gould

    Ali - Ducati 916
    Model: Mari

    AA - KeyShot Engine
    Model: Nicolas

    Tris.d - 1 cylinder, 4 stroke Engine
    Model: Wiktor Kocula - Jet Engine
    Model: Vasileios Thalassinos

    Neelu Ravi - Ferrari Engine
    Model: Vasileios Thalassinos

    Andrew Guscott - Rusty Engine
    Model: Stan Wile

    Tim Feher - Rusty Engine
    Model: Tom Kirkup

    Manolis Theofilos - Boxer Engine
    Model: Stan Wile

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