Wonderful, High-Res KeyShot Video Tutorials from INNEO Solutions.

Our esteemed reseller INNEO, who offers KeyShot products and services throughout Germany, Switzerland and the UK, has put together a series of KeyShot video tutorials for those who need a little KeyShot knowledge or a quick refresher. These videos are beautifully done, demonstrating the process and results you will get going from Creo to KeyShot. And even if your native language isn't German, you can feast your eyes upon a great example of everything from using the HDRI editor to creating animations. Here's a closer look.

KeyShot video tutorials

The video series is available on the INNEO website and the INNEO Youtube channel. Each video is recorded in high resolution 720 HD, so you can watch full-screen and see all the details. They're also quick and to the point, showing you everything you need to know to get started fast. Here's just one video you'll see about animation in KeyShot.

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