KeyShotXR: Interactive Web Viewing of Your 3D Renderings and Animations

by Josh | Aug 7, 2012 | News | 1 Comment


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    It's day two of massively cool render news for Luxion. The exhibition hall at SIGGRAPH opens up today and we're anxious to show you what we've been working on and all we'll be announcing this week. Today, we introduce KeyShotXR, a fresh, new way to create interactive 3D content, publish it over the web and view it on any device.

    KeyShotVR gives you 4 possible VR types: Turntable, Hemi-spherical, Spherical and Custom KeyShotXR has five possible modes: Turntable, Hemi-spherical, Spherical, Tumble and Custom


    With KeyShotXR, you're able to create high-quality, touch-enabled, 3D rendered content capable of display in any web browser supporting HTML5. The content can be interacted with using mouse or finger on touch-enabled devices and doesn't require a browser plugin to work. KeyShotXR is not WebGL-based, so you're able to get the highest quality visuals possible across the widest range of devices.

    How does it work?

    Ok, so here's how it works. First, KeyShotXR needs to be enabled via an upgraded KeyShot license file (Contact here for info). After this, an addtional KeyShotXR button will appear in the toolbar. When a scene is loaded and the KeyShotXR button is pressed, a wizard guides you through the setup of the KeyShotXR, with on-screen, interactive feedback of the final KeyShotXR result. KeyShot will produce the individual images of the KeyShotXR content, the HTML code for integration into any website and the JavaScript to support progressive loading of images. Then just upload the content and you're ready to go.

    Features and Specifications
    There are two parts to KeyShotXR that allow KeyShot you to quickly set up a model for KeyShotXR output.

    KeyShotXR Setup:

    • 5 possible KeyShotXR modes: Turntable, Hemi-spherical, Spherical, Tumble, Custom
    • Set starting angle interactively
    • Set horizontal / vertical frames including start and end angle for custom KeyShotXR
    • Real-time feedback when setting up the KeyShotXR – play back, tweak, etc. for desired result
    • Compression Quality control – keeps digital footprint small while ensuring highest quality images
    • Control over zoom (in/out)
    • Adjustable rotation damping
    • Support for render in background, render queue, network rendering
    • Support for render queue
    • Support for Network Rendering
    • Unlimited output resolution
    • Output: jpeg
    • Floating license feature – KeyShotXR can be checked out separately when checking out a floating license.


    • Progressive loading of images – rotate images as soon as they start loading
    • Support for zoom in/out
    • Touch enabled – rotate, zoom, pan
    • Support for LOD (Levels of Detail) – load lower resolution images for faster loading
    • Customizable settings to adjust user experience: rotation damping, mouse sensitivity, zoom in/out, start frame, LOD
    • Customizable play and resize buttons

    Interested in using KeyShotXR? It's currently undergoing Beta testing and will be available in the next few weeks. If you would like to try it out, see examples or have questions about how you can use it, visit the KeyShotXR page.

    Some have asked about the KeyShotXR settings. A simple wizard walks you through all the steps. At the end you then have to option to go to the Render Settings to fine tune and access additional setting to produce a KeyShotXR. 

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