Pushing Your KeyShot Settings to Create that Magical Effect

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    Michael Tompert was the first one to enter the KeyShotVR contest with his 'Big Data' VR that, as it turns out, was part of a bigger project for a book cover. You can see the KeyShotVR here. Many were interested in how he created the magical effect inside KeyShot and we're delight Michael shared the files he used in the process as well as the settings he pushed to create the perfect look.

    Pushing Your KeyShot Settings

    In this forum post, Michael provides the material, environment and settings you can use on your own models. You can download them there or directly right here. If you have a look at the VR, you may be able to tell how he did it, but there are a few other settings he pushed that was 'the thing that made this really happen.'

    ...the Bloom and Vignetting which you can find as effects under Settings. It's an amazing addition to KeyShot, and although like anything in KeyShot that is meant to mimic lens imperfections in photography that give the rendering more realism, if you take the values out of the default slider zone, interesting things tend to happen. I get a lot of the "magic" just by playing with all the settings, taking them way out of the normal zone. For example, the brightness of the environment is not just 1 or 2, but 30.

    Maybe you knew this already, but you can indeed take values outside the slider zone by entering the values in the settings. Michael provides a great example where this work wonderfully and does indeed provide a magical effect. Be sure to download the files he provided and play around with them and the KeyShot settings yourself!

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