The Inspirational CG Sculptures of Maarten Verhoeven

Sometimes, it doesn't take a whole set of different materials to create an jaw-dropping, incredibly detailed rendering of a 3D model. Maarten Verhoeven is an exceptional CG sculptor and designer. If you frequent the KeyShot forums, there's no doubt you've seen his work. We'd like to pass along a few pieces that he recently shared, some you may have seen before on his CG Society portfolio and others that you may be experiencing for the first time.

Maarten Verhoeven

Marteen's work is perfect for an instant amount of inspiration. He has an incredible talent for detail, and lighting it in a way that makes the creature or character jump off the screen. He resides in Antwerp, Belgium, uses ZBrush for his 3D modeling and has worked creating models for both the film and tv industry, as well as creating digital sculptures for Hasbro Toys. Here is just a taste of his work.

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