The KeyShot Helicopter is Takin' Off

by Josh | May 17, 2012 | Animation | 1 Comment


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    Is this an animation of the KeyShot Helicopter taking off to spread the joy of kick-butt rendering around the world or an actual video? The paint job is extra rockin' don't you think? And yes, the Chrysler 300 that pulls into the foreground, that's the Luxion top-secret render tech transport with blackout windows to protect our pale skin from the sun and conceal the cool KeyShot features yet to come.

    This animation was posted by DieselJ on the KeyShot animation forum. It's simple transforms (rotations, translations, etc.) that make seemingly complicated animations like this easy to create in KeyShot. You may recall another animation created by Diesel. A small Cessna landing at the same airport as the helicopter video.

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