The Simple, Subtle Details of a Well Design Pen

If you're a designer, an engineer or an artist, you probably have a favorite pen. I may completely define you. At the very least, you know the value of a tool that can spill forth your thoughts, ideas and imaginings onto a blank sheet of paper. Alex Tatner explored the finer points of pen design in a recent Design competition. He used KeyShot to bring the photorealistic appearance to the writing instrument, and in doing so, created a pen that portrays the essence of quality.

The Zebra Pen

Alex is a Design student at Ravensbourne University. His pen is a thoughtful design that shows the strength of the materials in KeyShot. Alex has done a brilliant job in creating a composition that both highlights the qualities of the material and the creativity of his design.

The idea of this pen is that the outer casing can be mass produced out of PP. The foil insert would give a feel of quality and a metallic finish. Details of the pen colour, model and make can also be printed on this without the need to produce a different outer casing. I designed a pen to reflect the 'technical' and 'engineering' culture in my life. This project gave me the opportunity to develop my skills in rendering clear plastic realistically in KeyShot.

The skills he revealed through this project have led him to a job with a major worldwide brand. We would like to congratulate Alex and wish him the best!

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