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Animation of the Week: Concept Car in Motion Animation by Marc Senger

We love a great animation and we love to see what someone is able to produce when they first tear into KeyShot Animation. You may have heard of Marc Senger, Senior Industrial Designer at ELEVEN out of Boston, Mass. His Bentley Dynamo Supercoupe concept has been featured around many a design and auto site and his sketching and concept design is beyond compare. He recently posted the results of using KeyShot Animation to produce a video of his new Centrifuge concept. He shows both the exploded view animation of the car coming together and a delightful montage of the concept in a race with the Bentley Dynamo.

Centrifuge concept by Marc Senger

Marc says he still learning the animation ropes, but from the looks of it, he's well along his way to creating captivating motion visuals. For more of Marc's fabulous work, keep an eye on his Vimeo page, his coroflot portfolio or on his Flickr page.

Senger Motorsports Centrifuge from Marc Senger on Vimeo.







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