Animation of the Week: Germain Baillot's Arcadia Watch Vintage 22

by KeyShot | May 8, 2013 | Animation, News | 3 Comments


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    Last year, we held a 3D rendering contest. The subject? Watches. We provided a model, yet some went above and beyond modeling their own and rendering it up in KeyShot. You can see the results and the winners here. Some also created animations of their creations. Germain Baillot from Geneva, Switzerland is one who provide the perfect amount of elegance to match the class of the Arcadia Vintage 22 watch design he modeled and rendered. He walked away with the top prize for the stunning images. Now, we would like to present the animation he created.

    Arcadia Vintage 22 Animation

    Arcadia is a luxury Swiss watchmaker dating back to 1858. They were one of the first to sell watches around the world, but closed down in 1968. Watchmaker veteran, Claude Sanz brought new life to the brand in 2007, opening and releasing the limited edition AC01 in 2010 at the Geneva Time Exhibition. The Vintage 22 was a limited edition as well, launched in 2011, with only 35 watches created. Germain captures the spirit of the company and the watch in this animation that includes shots of the highly detailed inner workings viewable through the display back.

    Absolutely stunning in every way. Germain is truly a master and we're pleased he shared the animation. If you have an animation you would like to share, drop by the animation forum board and post your creation!

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