Animation of the Week: Lotus Firefly Transportation Design by Alexandra Ciobanu

by KeyShot | Jun 14, 2013 | Animation | 0 Comments


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    Speeder bikes, jet packs, hydrofoils. Off the ground, out of the water and completely free to traverse the sky is... the future. Who's envisioning the possibilities? Alexandra Ciobanu is a recent graduate of the Transportation Design programme at Umeå Institute of Design (UID) in Sweden. UID has a very unique way of approaching the final degree project each student presents, with a focus on the story, the inspiration behind the design and the method to make it a reality. Alexandra used KeyShot to tell the story of the Lotus Firefly, here concept design for a personal transport system of the future.


    Lift off

    Alexandra took here inspiration from many a sci-fi movie that has presenting human transport along with the way in which insects fly and hover through the air.

    Lotus Firefly is a light vehicle which has at its core extreme leisure activities and essays to place itself somewhere in the middle way between the high tech development and the roughness of nature. The vehicle is controlled with the intuitive motions of the human body through arm kinetics and exoskeleton parts.

    The suit connects to the ejector seat and training begins on a virtual platform, ultimately achieving the advanced ability to fly from the terminal. Alexandra used KeyShot to illustrate all of this through renderings and animations of the concept. It's an impressive idea, so while we wait for the future to get here along with our jet packs and firefly transports, we'll sit back and enjoy the visuals created by the people dreaming it up. Video and additional shots below.




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