Animation of the Week: The Color Creator

by KeyShot | Aug 9, 2013 | Animation | 0 Comments


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    Months ago, Tomas Narbutas submitted renderings to the IDSA "CAD" (Color Aided Design) rendering challenge, winning 1st prize--a free pass to the 2013 IDSA Northeast District Design Conference and a license of KeyShot with Animation. At the time he didn't have an animation of the Color Creator mechanism, but as you could tell from the complicated gearing and interestingness in the image above, it needed one, badly. Tomas set out to create the animation in KeyShot and, we must say, it goes along beautifully with his description and the music he chose to accompany it.

    "This machine makes all colors for our world -- both life and dreams... Hmmm, what about creator colors? Red color increases physical energy, Green color supports balance and harmony, Blue - relaxed, at ease, calm... But this machine is stopped between blue and green, it means inner emotion charged, somewhat relaxed!"

    Music track: Lana Del Rey - Video games

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