Animation of the Week: Germain Baillot's Stunning Jewelry Timepiece

by KeyShot | Sep 12, 2013 | Animation | 1 Comment


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    Oh, how elegant the diamond, how dazzling the ruby, held in the sultry prongs of soft pink gold -- ahem, forgive me. Usually, I'm not one to go on about sparkling precious gems and metals. I give exception to pieces that are simply so well designed, so beautifully captured as to cause people to stop, stare and start a new savings account. This timepiece is the creation of Germain Baillot of Bunter SA. It's a personal of pink gold, round diamonds and rubies Modeled in Alias Surface 2013 and rendered in Keyshot 4.0. He also created a turntable animation of the superb jewelry piece, sharing it on the KeyShot forum with the other images he created.

    Germain Baillot's Stunning Jewelry

    You may recall a previous animation created by Germain of the Vintage 22 Arcadia. He's a master of his craft. I'm not certain how much this exquisite array of rubies and diamonds would cost, but it's one that some would snatch up in a heartbeat. Even though this is a simple turntable animation created in KeyShot, both the gems and the metal is captured perfectly by the lighting. I'm very anxious to see more work from Germain and find out more about his process. Here's his animation.


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