Animation of the Week: Grey by Greg Strasz and Brett Sinclair

by KeyShot | Aug 26, 2013 | Features | 1 Comment


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    Greys. You'll know one when you see one. The fleshy eyes, the deeply translucent skin, their bulbous glandulars and veiny organ case that wraps their immense brain. Thousands of people have created their own versions of the alien visitor, but there's one that I would include as the definitive example of extraterrestrial oddity and wonder. Greg Strasz is a director, a vfx production designer and art director, as well as a set photographer. Together with Brett Sinclair they turned 'a quick alien design concept' into a spectacular visual that's honestly enough to send chills through your spine. Greg went one step further, creating an animation of the creature in KeyShot, set to music from Prodigy.

    I did a quick alien design concept and approached Brett Sinclair with it. Together we brainstormed this creature. It was an amazing experience and we had tons of fun feeding off of each other ideas. Brett was as responsible for the modeling and sculpting of the detail. I did the textures, shaders, rendering, lighting, comp and editing. - Greg Strasz

    Grey from Greg Strasz on Vimeo.

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