Best Practices for Working with Textures

by KeyShot | May 30, 2013 | News, Tips | 0 Comments


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    We have textures upon KeyShot texture goodness spilling, nay spraying, out of our computer screens and we just have to get all of it into your hands. We had our latest webinar this Tuesday where the amazing Richard Funnell took attendees on a wild, bump-mapping ride through KeyShot textures, explaining how they work, along with tips to achieve the appearance you need. We now have the video up and available for viewing if you didn't have the chance to attend and we also have all the textures files Richard created himself and used in the presentation.

    Best Practices for Working with Textures

    Richard starts out with texture basics, an overview of how to apply textures and how to use them. He'll touch on some great aspects that you may not be too familiar with along with some tricks along the way. He'll also show you how to get the best textures, whether they're the KeyShots inside KeyShot or textures you create yourself. He'll provide some resources to find textures online and go through a couple examples applying and working with a range textures and texture settings. You can view the webinar below or download the high-res video and the KeyShot texture pack here.

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