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    In the June '13 issue of 3D World (and online) you'll find a full KeyShot 4 review by Steve Jarratt. Steve takes a comprehensive look at the new features that round out the latest release of KeyShot. He jumps straight into the workflow aspects, quickly filling in those unfamiliar with KeyShot about the CPU-based realtime rendering, touching on the new LiveLinking capability and, of course, the new physical lighting.

    Light work of product visualisation

    Steve covers many of the new features, adding images that show how the new physical lights look, the rounded edges feature, the HDRI Editor highlight capability as well as the ability to export Depth, Normal and Clown passes. Steve says, "KeyShot 4’s range of new features constitutes a substantial upgrade that helps make product visualisation easier, more efficient, and – dare I say it – more enjoyable."

    Have a read, and if you haven't tried KeyShot yet, you can download a free trial here and get up to speed quick with a few KeyShot tutorials. We're also moving toward the next update of KeyShot 4, that brings more features and updates you're sure to love. We'll be revealing more about that over the coming weeks.

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