Creating a Centaur in ZBrush and KeyShot

I know you were just telling your family over the weekend how you've longed to model and render a Centaur holding the decapitated head of an Ogre. They didn't believe you could do such a thing, but you know, it's absolutely possible. Digital Tutors is rolling out another tutorial set with 14 lessons on Creating a Centaur in ZBrush, then rendering it in KeyShot. It's taught once again by Peter Minister and covers prepping your model for KeyShot, importing and putting the scene together.

Centaur renderings dreams come true

The tutorial has an great amount of detail, not only for the modeling, but also in preparing the UV maps and setting up lighting for the rendering operation. The run time is 1 hour and 36 minutes, so it's quick enough to get you through an extended lunch hour no problem!

In this series of tutorials we will go from ZBrush to KeyShot, and learn about integration with lights. We will model a fantasy centaur character within ZBrush and take it into KeyShot along with lighting and shadow elements, and then fully integrate the model onto a back plate to create our final image.

Viewing the tutorial, requires a Digital Tutors membership. With this you can view any of the other KeyShot tutorials on the Digital Tutors site.

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