Customer Spotlight: Antonio Pinfor of Pinfor Ingenia

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    PINFOR™ Ingenia is a full service Design and Engineering firm based in Seville, Spain. They not only create incredibly iconic design, they're also creating incredibly unique user experiences for their clients and their products as well as demonstrating their product visual capabilities on their website. They use KeyShot in the process and we talked with Antonio Pinfor, CEO of PINFOR™, to find out more.

    Antonio Pinfor / Pinfor Ingenia

    KeyShot was "love at first sight". It is the simplest and most complete program I've ever used."

    Antonio describes his process as bringing originality and simplicity to the practical use of everyday objects, prioritizing function over sophistication. KeyShot is part of this process, serving as the key component to present the design, "In the new stage of PINFOR™ with the addition of a younger team who is better equipped technologically, we've incorporated KeyShot as the main tool for the presentation of our creations. Personally, coming from 3D Studio Max, KeyShot was "love at first sight". It is the simplest and most complete program I've ever used (and I used a lot in these 30 years in the profession). Henceforth, it will be our main tool of visual expression."

    Most recently, they have used KeyShotVR to bring an extra level of interaction to their designs, "I fell in love instantly with KeyShotVR. The new (and desired) KeyShotVR add-on is the ultimate tool to present and interact with 3D geometry in multiple degrees of freedom. As product design professionals, I feel that this tool will further enhance our use of KeyShot."

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