Customer Spotlight: The Mindblowing Visuals of RenderBox Studio

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    This week we have a talk with RenderBox Studio who knows exactly what it takes to produce visuals that leave clients with gaping jaws and wanting more. They use KeyShot throughout the entire design process, bringing in real-time iterations that involves the client. Rich Stothard and Ryan Mason are co-founders of RenderBox Studio and tell us how KeyShot sets itself apart and, best of all, how it saves them time.

    Rich Stothard - Ryan Mason / RenderBox Studio

    RenderBox Studio is a design studio from London, England who use Maya and 3ds Max as their primary 3D modeling tools. They work across an array of industries, creating 3D visualizations of Automotive, Product, Interior and Exterior scenes. When it comes to creating beautiful images that impress clients, there are a few things they like about KeyShot.

    Throughout our time in the industry we have used a variety of different renderers which usually resulted in huge headaches in terms of setup and then painfully slow render times. Welcome in KeyShot. We believe KeyShot is an example of what every renderer should strive to be and it baffles us as to why renderers don’t work in a similar way. Rather than being complicated and unintuitive like most, KeyShot is different. It is easy to pick up and using the preset material library, even with limited knowledge you can create beautiful renderers.

    This does not mean KeyShot is shallow in any way, it is one of those pieces of software that gives as much as you are willing to put into it. Once you spend some time to learn the ins and outs of how everything works, fine tune and customize your materials, those "beautiful renders" will quickly become amazing. When we say quickly we mean it too, KeyShot is mindblowingly fast. You don’t need NASA’s latest supercomputer, or have to wait hours on end for a single frame. Load your models, drag and drop the materials and there you go. In real time you see exactly what the final render is going to look like, and wow does it look good.

    Be sure to read the full interview and keep up to date on what Red Harbinger is doing on Facebook and Twitter.




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