Download: Bubblegum Race Car Scene by Shawn Rabensburg

by KeyShot | Jan 10, 2013 | Resources | 0 Comments


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    Yesterday we brought you an interview with Red Harbinger's Shawn Rabensburg. You saw images of the Red Harbinger water-cooled Cross desk he produced, but Shawn also stopped by the KeyShot forum and shared some more of his work. Along with the new renderings, he provided the .bip files used to produce the image you see here. Other forum members were interested in how he achieved the look of the material and we would like to thank Shawn for sharing with everyone! Download available below.

    From Shawn:
    "The material was just the basic "white wax" material. I just fiddled with the surface and subsurface colors. I was sitting on the couch with my daughter playing with all kinds of different colors and the pink one was the one she liked the best (go figure). I was trying to pull off kind of a "bubblegum" sort of look to it... all in all it's pretty basic, but I was pleased with the simple results it produced!"

    My daughter saw it as well and loved it immediately. I think you have a winner here Shawn. Thanks again for sharing. You can download the the PinkCar.bip from the forum (along with the models used) or directly via this link.

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