IDSA District Design Conferences In Effect

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    Throughout the month of April, Luxion and our crack staff of rendering/animation/visual render specialists and pixel charmers will be on site at the IDSA District Design Conferences, set-up to serve out the details on the latest version of KeyShot. There are five conferences in total at five locations around the USA with the big IDSA International Conference coming up later this year in Chicago. We would love to meet you, hear about how you're using KeyShot or answer any questions you have about KeyShot 4. Here are the details for where we'll be each weekend in April.

    IDSA Design Dialogue Conference

    We're very proud to be a sponsor of the IDSA and looking forward to students, faculty and educators who have been using KeyShot. We'll be giving live demonstrations of the KeyShot 3D rendering and animation system and will be available to answer questions about hardware, software, add-ons and anything else you have questions about. The first weekend of April we'll be in Raleigh, NC for the 2013 Southern Conference. April 12-13th we'll be in both Long Beach, CA and Cleavland, OH for the Western conference and Central conference. On April 19-20th, we'll be in both Indianapolis, IN and Harford, CT for the Midwest and Northeast conference. Links for details and locations to the events are below. We'll see you there!

    2013 Southern Conference
    April 5-6th
    2013 Western Conference
    April 12-13
    2013 Central Conference
    April 12-13
    2013 Midwest Conference
    April 19-20
    2013 Northeast Conference
    April 19-20
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